Are you struggling with family conflict or relationship difficulties? Are you challenged with parenting or a child-teen with academic, behavioral or emotional issues? Is it leaving you feeling frustrated, anxious or depressed? Do you feel that your relationship is strained due to the difficulties with your child-teen? I'd like to help. I can help you and your family to understand, prevent and resolve life challenges. I believe we all have the ability to make positive changes in our lives to grow and learn; we just need some help in finding the power to do so!

I have experience working with many diverse populations on a wide variety of issues and problems including:

arrow Children
Has your child lost interest in his/her usual activities? Does your child have behavior problems or issues?

arrow Adolescents
Are you worried your teen may be on the wrong path? Are you concerned about the choices your teen is making?

arrow Families
Are you disappointed in the quality of your relationships? Are you in the midst of a difficult life transition?

arrow Psychological Testing
Do you suspect that your child has adhd, a learning disability, or a behavioral problem?


Dr. Caraballo is the founder and director of NYCCPS, a private psychology practice specializing in evaluation, assessment, diagnosis and consultation of a variety of behavioral, emotional, developmental, and academic issues.

For More information please visit: www.nyccps.com

As a new client, I offer you a FREE 15-minute initial consultation.
(347) 781–4614

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